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The Premise / The Weekend Warrior "Sales"  plan is designed to empower and enable agents to sell anywhere from one to fifty houses a year part-time, weekends only, even though they are not active Listing Agents, themselves, turning listings at the rate of one or more a week to do this.

To achieve this it is necessary to adopt, adapt, and execute a business plan for selling the listings of other agents at the rate sought and to have a weekday partner to coordinate and complete the multilevel closing contingencies analogous to all transactions; Broker, Al Lewis, will fill that role. The sales rate is doable, because:

(1) Qualified buyers – buyers that have made a decision to buy in the immediate-present or near-future at market price and know where they intend to buy – abound at some identifiable rate based on past sales for every neighborhood.

A neighborhood, for example, that experienced twelve-sales twelve months past will likely experience the same number of sales twelve months hence irrespective of how many homes actually go up for sale. This level of demand would amount to an average sales rate of one sale every four weeks; twenty-four sales a year would amount to an average sales rate of one sale every two weeks, and so forth.

(2) The first thing a qualified buyer does when they come into the market to buy is drive the locale or area within which they are interested in living to see what’s for sale. It is by doing this, by calling on signs or stopping at open houses, that they reveal themselves to agents with signs in yards and holding houses open for walk-in viewing.

(3) Because buyers are drawn, like bears to honey, to neighborhoods within which they want to live to see what’s for sale we can easily gain an opportunity – often the first chance – to work with them by conducting an incentive based attention-getting open house such as a Home Buyer’s Information Center or the sale of a property by Auction within the area of their interest week-to-week until the odds, based on demand, result in our meeting. We then can represent them in the purchase of the home first seen or another.

We, therefore, can create demand so-to-speak by widening the placement of open house signs over an area large enough to indicate the potential for a sale a week provided, of course, that the signs are incentive based Navigator Signs which are unique to our program. These signs drive buyers from afar to your open house.

(4) Once a buyer walks into either a Home Buyer's Information Center or Seller's Home you are holding open, you can represent them for the sale of the house held open or another nearby property.

Summary / The popular means of marketing for buyers available to agents today other than Open House will not provide opportunities for sales at the rate desired part-time deep into one's career. Agents, by the thousands, believe internet leads provided by lead-generation programs and companies, and both personal and social network referrals, that often boost an upstart career, will get them to where they want to go in their life and career, but they soon find these fade and are not long-haul solutions.

Therefore, it is necessary that we adopt, adapt, and execute a business development plan for meeting buyers at places they go to themselves to find a home and, by doing that, reveal themselves to us like buyers of new homes that visit a Builder's model complex to consider same-day buying. These places are neighborhood-specific open houses. It is by this means-to-an-end that Weekend Warriors create their own futures, their own success, and their own wealth. 

From here out, think of Open House as The Money Door. Its value is incalculable.

Attention-Getting Open House Marketing

The Standard Open House / The role of marketing is to create the right conditions for a sale to take place, to create product awareness and facilitate desire without getting in the way. The standard Open House is a means to achieving that end.

The roll of selling is to create the right conditions for a purchase to take place, to facilitate the buying process without getting in the way. The standard Open House is a means to achieving that end as well.

Sidebar / When was the last time you saw a football team win a game without first running onto the field? When was the last time you saw a tennis pro win a match without first walking onto the court? And, when was the last time you saw a fighter win a fight without first climbing into the ring? 

I'd say, you have never seen these things happen, yet, in real estate, agents seem to think or have been led to believe they can experience a formidable sales career without stepping into or onto the playing field, themselves, week-to-week to meet the competition -- the Buyers -- where and when they are in a buying mood on the playing field -- the Neighborhood -- of their choice. Infield marketing is the pivot point: the place where principle becomes process, where rubber meets the road.

Admittedly, so that we don't get into an argument, I agree that everything works at least a little bit (1) Expensive internet lead source services (2) Internet oriented broker marketing programs and agent relationships (3) Costly website and advertising lead capture setups (4) High-priced REO, NOD, Foreclosure and Short Sale lead mechanisms, and (5) Time consuming personal and social network marketing activities. All have the potential to boost sales for agents engaged in working these methodologies to meet buyers and sell real estate; but for most, they only work a little bit or not at all; and for many (smart, motivated, achievers), are a source of frustration and an overwhelming sense of disempowerment.

Nothing, however, maybe even all the above combined reach the potential for meeting qualified, neighborhood-specific buyers that can be derived from the virtually cost-free, single day, weekend only, three-to-four hour, single source marketing activity we call Open House that we, as agents, are in charge of doing when and where we want; this represents empowerment as opposed to disempowerment.

Professional sellers, Builders, know the importance of keeping their homes, their models, open five-to-seven days a week, all weekends, five-to-eight hours a day, year round: this, even, is Open house and is the main source of sales.

When the Standard Open House is combined with the unique and extraordinary, like The Home Buyer's Information Center and The Do It Yourself Auction that follow, the potential for success from a single day's effort is magnified many times over.

The Home Buyer's Information Center / The Home Buyer's Information Center, like the example shown above, is nothing more than the Open House of a currently listed property as usual, but promoted by attention-getting, value-benefit signs as shown instead of the standard arrow signs to give buyers a reason to stop in addition to the look over of the open home itself. These signs substantially increase buyer stops.

The establishment and/or creation of a Home Buyer's Information Center, though, is not limited to the availability of a currently listed property. 

Weekend Warriors can select both a neighborhood and a highly visible – Not Listed Property – at which to conduct a weekend only Home Buyer’s Information Center. This would be a property not for sale but located at the corner of a thoroughfare and street that buyers must pass to enter a neighborhood within which there are properties for sale for the purpose of stopping and meeting them (the buyers) as they enter the area.

This can be done by a prearranged day-use fee agreement with the property owner: anything from $25 to $100 a day. Trading $100 for a 3% commission gained on the sale of a $500,000 home, for example, seems a good trade. Imagine the effect of this commitment on your motivation to succeed: substantial, I'd say.

By offering passersby a "Free Listings List" of local area properties for sale, the agent conducting the information center will have a first chance to show the visitors local area properties seeking to consummate a same-day sale.

The Fast Sale Auction / Utilizing our proprietary "Fast Sale Auction" it's not uncommon for a home owner, owner's agent or Weekend Warrior to put a home on the market by auction that has been for sale for six months, a year or even longer and then to sell that house in six-to-eight weeks irrespective of the price of the home. This program gives sellers an edge on competition in the market by making their home the first one a buyer will look at if they want to buy in their area: the value-buy message inherent to selling by auction demands that.

This program is portable in that it can be initiated by a Weekend Warrior on any day, on any property at the discretion of the agent and the property's owner or listing agent by merely signing the property on- and off-site as "For Sale by Auction." The auction is conducted by our proprietary “Letter of Intent to Buy Bid Form.”

More information about the Real Estate Professionals' Fast Sale Auction can be found within The Fellowship Library, a convenient link at the left, Items 28 & 29.

The Property / There are no restrictions on Weekend Warriors as to where and/or on what properties they can conduct an Open House as shown above, however, it is recommended by Broker that the efforts to secure approval from brokers and agents not associated with Real Estate Professionals Allstate Marketing to hold their listed properties open be aimed at brokers and agents of vacant properties currently for sale. Agents in general are reluctant to hold vacant properties open week-to-week. They may conduct one here or there but are not usually consistent and the services of a disciplined open house assistant, even one associated with another company, can be a big help.

We, after all, are only in pursuit of the commission offered a cooperating agent through MLS and nothing more. These types of properties are ubiquitous in the southern California market. They can be found everywhere and within every price range. Just call on the listing agents of these properties to ask for the opportunity. You might state that you are seeking to show the property sometime Saturday or Sunday afternoon between the hours of one-to-four (which is true) and are wondering if the house will be open? If not, you can offer to hold it open for them to both meet a buyer you have directed there (or may be able to direct there) and any that might be driving the neighborhood. If necessary to close the deal, so to speak, you can offer an opportunity fee, essentially a referral fee for the opportunity: twenty- to thirty-percent cash back on the sales fee should you sell the house to either your buyer or a drive-by visitor.

Alternately, agents in general are reluctant to allow agents associated with a company outside their own to hold a property open that is occupied by its owner, however beneficial their services may be. Owners generally want their listing agent to do this and a listing agent can never be really sure of how things will go with an unknown person onsite in the house.

If you want to sell within an area where there are no vacant listed properties to seek an Open House opportunity, or if denied, that is the purpose of the Home Buyer's Information Center. It can be conducted anywhere a cooperating owner allows for a reasonable daily fee (always execute a day-use rental agreement similar to a sublet or rent-a-room agreement). Put yourself in a typical home owner's shoes for a moment, especially one in the moderate to lower price range, and imagine the benefit to them of $200 to $800 a month of added income; this is substantial. They don't even have to leave the house. Percentage based referral/success fees are not allowed. They can only be paid to licensed agents.

The Tact / The personalized Weekend Warrior marketing card that is handed out to all Open House or Home Buyer's Information Center visitors says it all (this can be seen when visiting with Broker Al Lewis). It is the objective of the Weekend Warrior to help a ready, willing, able buyer find and purchase a home the very weekend they meet at a Home Buyer's Information Center or Open House. The card emphatically states your intention and that you are exclusively a Buyer's Agent.

As a Weekend Warrior you are to (1) Fill yourself with belief by affirmation of the Secret of Success published within the Real Estate Professional’s Seller Services Portfolio which defines the value and secret intention of a predisposed buyer to buy at the place and locale within which you meet them (2) You are to prepare yourself for success by being ready to write an offer on a moment's notice to anyone that walks into your Open House and wants to buy it and/or for when a buyer indicates they are a buyer, not for the house they walked into, but, possibly, another nearby property (3) When this happens you are to offer to drop everything, pull your signs from the house your are holding open and show them every house currently for sale in the entire neighborhood, locale or area (4) You are to show them how you are prepared to do this by showing them a list of houses for sale in the entire area to which you have access, and (5) You are to say something like, “Let's jump into my car or yours and go to see these homes now. We'll use your or my navigator (or my portable navigator) to find our way around quickly with ease and knock on the door or use my pass key to see every house you like.”

You then achieve your sales goal by (1) Writing an offer to purchase one of the houses shown – at any price – per the Real Estate Professionals' Home Buyer's Negotiation Worksheet for your buyer, and by (2) Negotiating the offer to acceptance with its Seller when you present the offer in person or through Broker Al Lewis, and by (3) Doing this again and again week-to-week. 

Go to The Fellowship Library found at the bottom of the links, left of this article, and read Article 10-A, Top Producer Selling: Principle and Process, for more on this and to look over a series of actions, operations and motions involved in a professional one-contact, one-day sales process.

Importantly / A standout qualitative element of the Weekend Warrior Sales Program is that Broker Al Lewis will, in your absence (1) Work hand-in-hand with you, so to speak, to present offers written by you direct to sellers or through agents weekdays or weekday evenings as needed and will, in your absence (2) Negotiate offers presented to acceptance and will, in your absence (3) Open escrows and will, in your absence (4) Manage escrows to conclusion weekdays because you, the Weekend Warrior, have an alternate career or day-job that limits your ability to do this.

The Marketing Partner provision of the Associate-Licensee Agreement provides for this.

One place or another in my writings you may have read the statement,"Though stated as a job, real estate is not actually a job at all, it is an activity. Specific activities produce specific results."  It is not important whether you work only a few hours a week, twenty-to-forty hours a week, or more. What matters is what you do when you work.

I have mainly referenced this relative to Listing activities; the Weekend Warrior Sales Program, however, like the Weekend Warrior Listing Program, is a correlative expression of this principle: it is a means by which you invite yourself to the party, part-time, weekends only, Saturday or Sunday or both, when wanted.

Listing is Job One / Though this is a dialog about Selling, the fact that listing is job one cannot be emphasized enough. Even if it is your interest, desire or intention to sell weekends only for the express purpose of opening escrows on a weekly basis and not of managing listings that might go months unsold or, even, expire after arduous effort, it is more-often-than-not the successful Listing Agent that establishes a place for himself or herself in the market as an independent professional in charge of his or her own future by creating a log of clients that will list with them during some time-period like the next month, six months or year, than a Selling Agent, even a successful one. 

Harsh words, maybe, but imagine for a moment doing any or all the above selling activities from your own listings, weekends only, every now and then or better yet, having Open House Marketing Assistants under your direction doing these things for you on multiple properties every week without your ever holding a property open yourself. This is how you multiply yourself in the market and create a future by design as opposed to merely encountering one as it occurs. Listing is Job One.

In Conclusion / Assertiveness as a Warrior characteristic is a stance toward life that rouses, energizes and motivates, it pushes us to take the offensive and to move out of a defensive or holding position about life's tasks and problems. A person with Warrior energy knows what he or she wants and takes steps to get it. As a function of his or her clarity of mind, (he) is a strategist and a tactician, (she) can evaluate her circumstances accurately and adapt to the situation. The Warrior doesn't think too much, because thinking too much can lead to doubt, and doubt to hesitation, and hesitation to inaction, and inaction possibly to losing the battle which is of course not getting to where you want to go -- wherever that is -- in your life and work.

And thus the Weekend Warrior sales methodology: a stance toward work that rouses, energizes and motivates; an organized strategy for use of aggressive energy focused on a specific result: the sale of a house every week worked from one-to-fifty (or twenty-to-thirty) a year, part-time, weekends only.

Act Now / Only action determines your value in the marketplace. To multiply your value you need to multiply your actions. Walk where the failure fears to walk. Work when the failure seeks rest. Talk when the failure remains silent.

The Real Estate Professionals' program is all about action: calculated, methodical, tested, proven action. Success will not wait on you. When you delay she becomes wedded to another and lost forever. Be an Eagle in the marketplace and a Lion among men.

Introductory Meeting / To learn exactly (1) How the Weekend Warrior listing and sale programs work (2) To determine your fit (3) To learn why they are recession-proof, free of competition and the "Top Job" in real estate you are cordially invited to call on broker/mentor Al Lewis any time for an introductory conversation that will lead to an introductory/signup meeting. Please visit the links and websites shown on the sidebar to the left prior to calling.

For more on the Journeyman/Apprentice, Mentor/Mentee relationship with Al Lewis, and for listing and selling at the top of the market, go to

We can never outgrow the limits we place on ourselves; we can only set new limits within which we must live. Poet Maya Angelou wrote, "If one is lucky, a solitary fantasy can totally transform one million realities." Just think of it.

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